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Scheepswerf Ferus Smit B.V.

Design, development, and construction of series of finished vessels

The Ferus Smit Group offers independent design, development, and construction of series of finished vessels, without being restricted to certain type of vessels. We are able to handle any order - ranging from ultra-modern barges to fully equipped supply ships, self-unloading bulk carriers, multipurpose cargo ships or tankers.

We use indoor facilities for the assembly of vessels from precision prefab sections. This prevents the weather from interfering with the construction process, and ensures fast and efficient operating procedures with permanent quality control. We operate two fully equipped yards. The Westerbroek yard has a slipway for vessels with a maximum width of 16 meters and a maximum length of 130 meters, whilst the Leer yard in Germany has a slipway for vessels with a maximum width of 26 meters and a maximum length of 170 meters.

The yard in Westerbroek is situated on the Winschoterdiep. The dimensions of the locks and bridges between the yard and the seaport of Delfzijl determine the maximum dimensions of the vessels. The head office is situated in a modern building on the Westerbroek site.

Our vessels are designed, developed, and constructed in-house, which ensures high quality from a technical and economical point of view. The latest technological developments are followed closely, and are applied. During the design phase, extensive laboratory tests are carried out to test the sailing properties of a new vessel. The results from the tests are used to produce the optimum shape of the hull. In consultation with the client, the draft is then developed further. The layout of the vessel and the engine room are made by highly qualified designers, who use advanced computer technologies. Tight planning of the production process ensures 'just-in-time' delivery of the steel and all other components.

An important part of the vessels can be constructed in the large construction halls - free from the vagaries of the weather. Well-trained craftsmen employ modern construction and welding techniques. Close co-operation between the design, engineering, and production departments, together with tight quality control ensures continuous improvement of the designs, and optimum management of the production process.

After delivery, Ferus Smit and the ship owner together follow the vessel's performance. These experiences too are included in new designs. We have the technical expertise to construct any type of vessel. During the 1990s, much experience is gained by the construction of multipurpose vessels, bulk carriers with self-unloading equipment, and tankers. Tonnage varies between 3,000 and 10,000 tonnes.

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Design, development, and construction of series of finished vessels

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