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International Water Association

IWA has its roots in two strong associations: the International Water Supply Association (IWSA) and the International Water Quality Association (IAWQ). IWSA was established in 1947 while IAWQ was originally formed as the International Association for Water Pollution Research in 1965. IWSA and IAWQ came together in a merger in 1999 to form IWA.

Today, IWA is a member driven organization. There are three member types within the Association: Individual, Corporate and Governing Members. In aggregate our members involve and represent approximately 10,000 individuals worldwide. The Association is a non-profit organization, self-governing and responsible to its Governing Members. A Governing Assembly, Board of Directors, a Strategic Council and various committees guide and direct the Association.

IWA’s Vision
Connecting water professionals worldwide to lead the development of effective and sustainable approaches to water management.

IWA’s Mission
To create and foster a global network of leading-edge water professionals through the provision of services and products to members, including conferences, publications and support for member groups. In addition, to represent the views of members in international forums and to project key messages to the sector at large, aimed at advancing best practice in sustainable water management.

What values does IWA represent?
What are the values and attributes that describe IWA membership? The spirit of IWA is important in making an organization worth joining, partnering with, relying on and knowing about. Read more about these attributes.

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International Water Association

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