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Corporate Headoffice KEMA

Providing customers with solutions to their technical problems

KEMA is an independent company whose activities focus on providing customers with solutions to their technical problems. The majority of our customers are in businesses related to the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity. KEMA specializes in high-level technical consultancy, and in testing, inspections & certification. KEMA undertakes research in support of these activities. With company headquarters in Arnhem, the Netherlands, KEMA also has offices in seventeen other countries. The benefits of the services provided by KEMA not only impact electrical utilities and electrical equipment manufacturers, but also investors, operators, users, governments, suppliers and financiers. By putting the customer first, KEMA always strives to achieve optimum results, in both technical and economic terms. KEMA enjoys an international reputation for reliability, integrity and expertise in the fields of consultancy, testing, research and quality management.
The power market is in a state of flux. As liberalization gathers pace, market players are no longer confined by national borders. In this environment, competition is becoming increasingly fierce. The need for optimized, cost-efficient power supplies and faultless performance has never been so great. KEMA is committed to addressing the issues that concern the power market and to furnishing clients with practical solutions. We provide strategic and technical insight into the market with which our clients are concerned. A market that has become truly global. In fact KEMA sees further international expansion as an important goal through autonomous growth and through acquisitions. More than half of KEMA’s turnover is currently generated outside the Netherlands.
KEMA’s philosophy is geared toward change and development, with the goal of remaining an industry leader in providing sophisticated, state of the art services to the energy sector.

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Providing customers with solutions to their technical problems

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