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Aiming to combine Dutch consultancy expertise for international clients

NEDECO is a not-for-profit foundation aiming to combine Dutch consultancy expertise for international clients. Since its creation in 1951 NEDECO has been instrumental in creating consortia of leading Dutch consultancy companies and large technological, economic and earth observation institutes to work in more than 135 countries. Consortia of firms affiliated with NEDECO usually carry NEDECO as the consortium's name.

Through the recent merger with a similar network Nethconsult, NEDECO has enlarged and empowered its networking capabilities enabling the foundation to form the best possible consortia amongst its affiliates for specific clients and/or projects. NEDECO provides an answer to the growing number of complex and large projects that demand multidisciplinary expertise, innovative and creative solutions and financial support. An active and participatory role played by various Netherlands ministries since its early start ensures an even broader spectrum of expertise including institutional and operational know how to build on, as well as a vast source for mutual fine-tuning of international contacts and interactive policy development.

NEDECO comprises today some 20 independent organisations called affiliates as well as the involvement of several ministries. NEDECO operates world wide and specializes in consulting services for water, transport and environment (infrastructures) as well as supporting expertise in financing, economics, institutional development, training, surveying and monitoring. The underlying concept of all activities initiated by NEDECO is to provide total solutions to ensure that development is achieved in an economically and ecologically sustainable way. To achieve this goal a range of services is offered varying from policy preparation, research, feasibility studies, design and engineering and project management through to organisational development and operations and management. Projects are usually carried out together with national consultants in the specific countries.

In its role as promotor of the interests of affiliates NEDECO initiates and supports development of know how in engineering and related fields needed for sustainable development and (economic) progress. NEDECO provides a platform for dialogue between the public and the private sector through conferences, workgroups and seminars and issues the magazine Land & Water International.

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Aiming to combine Dutch consultancy expertise for international clients

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