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Shell International Oil Products B.V.

Internationale oliemaatschappij

Shell's Energy

Energy links together the companies of the Royal Dutch/Shell Group, for they produce, process and deliver it. Operating across the globe, in more than 130 countries and with more than 100,000 staff, Shell companies are guided by values developed over more than a century of successful enterprise. They are committed to contributing to sustainable development and to delivering energy in an ever cleaner and more socially responsible way. Creating wealth and distributing it to shareholders, resource-owning governments, employees and contractors, Shell companies make a significant contribution to economies in all parts of the world.

Powering the future

People are demanding cleaner, more sustainable methods of generating the electricity that industrialized society needs. Increasingly, the fuel of choice is clean-burning natural gas. Shell companies are not only finding, extracting, processing and delivering the gas but also building gas-fired power plants that transform it into electricity.

Going the distance

Shell, a world leader in offshore exploration and production technology, is continually stretching the boundaries of the possible. Producing crude oil and natural gas from ever deeper waters with ever more environmentally friendly technologies, Shell provides the energy that people need today and will need tomorrow.

Satisfying customers

With a network of more than 46,000 petrol stations spanning the globe, Shell companies serve approximately 20 million fuel customers every day. Meeting their needs - providing the products and services they want - is a key business aims. A 1998 survey conducted in 69 countries revealed Shell to be the most preferred brand in the majority of the countries.

Tapping the sun

A sunrise industry, solar energy is already viable in niche markets. Shell makes photovoltaic panels that are being installed in isolated communities in Bolivia, South Africa and many other countries. If there is a way of making solar energy competitive in the wider power-generation market, Shell companies will find it.

Prospecting for energy

From frozen tundra to arid desert, Shell has the skills and the technology needed to find and develop the energy resources on which we all depend. And the exploration is not confined to just geography: promising areas of scientific research are also investigated at Shell.

Transforming oil and gas

Hydrocarbons are the raw materials for an astonishing variety of chemicals. Parts of almost every man-made object in use today - from kitchen utensils to satellites - have been made from petrochemicals. And the trend will continue: the petrochemicals industry develops ever more sophisticated and adaptable materials that are in turn used to create ever more imaginative and useful products.

Fuelling modern life

Petrol, jet fuel, diesel and liquefied petroleum gas - these fuels, together with engine oils and lubricants give us the mobility we need for work and play. Shell companies aim to provide these products in as convenient, clean and friendly a way as possible. And for the future, Shell continues to research opportunities for new fuels, such as hydrogen, which come from changes in vehicle technology.

Delivering energy resources

The resources that can be converted into usable energy are often bulky and difficult to transport. Shell brings to bear more than a century of experience and accumulated knowledge to ensure that potentially dangerous substances are handled in the safest manner.

Growing a powerhouse

Forests can produce never-ending supplies of fuel while soaking up carbon dioxide, one of the "greenhouse gases" implicated in global warming. Shell companies are dedicated to finding out whether this resource can be developed in a sustainable and environmentally sensitive way.

Making chemical building blocks

Millions of tonnes of petrochemicals are transformed every year into the products we need and want. To manufacture the petrochemicals to make those products, Shell companies bring together technological know-how and capital from around the world, ensuring that resources are used in the most efficient way possible.

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Internationale oliemaatschappij

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